Timossi #28 (1954)

Builder: Timossi

Year of build: 1954

1st Pilot: Guidotti Liborio

Period: 1954>1955

Race number: #181

Engine: Maserati 250S 2500 cc.

Class: K

Boat tandem for the Raid Pavia-Venezia, Photographed in the trial in Milano-Idroscalo


2nd Pilot: Guidotti Giorgio

Period: 1956>1958

Race number: #28

Engine: Maserati 3500GT 3600 cc., Maserati 450S 5700 cc.

Class: KD 800 KG.

This is the 1° KD of Guidotti Giorgio, with bodywork modified from the original 1954

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3rd Pilot: Dell'Orto Fernando

Period: 1958>1960

Race number: #28

Engine: Maserati 3500GT 3600 cc.

Class: KD900KG.

Photographed in Trial in - Milano-Idroscalo 1960


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