Timossi #83 (1954)

Builder: Timossi

Year of build: 1954

1st Pilot: Sestini Dino

Period: 1954>1956

Race number: #2

Name: Tamiri III°

Engine: BPM SS 2600 cc., Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 1500 cc.

Class: M 500 KG.

Photographed hauling in Sarnico at Cantieri Riva after the successful attempt of World Record of Speed of the M Class 500 KG, with an average of Km/h. 179.144 - Sarnico 19.10.1954
The Boat has been used in circuit race by Selva Ezio waiting for the new "Moschettiere" and the Son Selva Lucian in Class LZ his debut in Campione d'Italia
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2nd Pilot: Selva Ezio

Period: 1955>1956

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3rd Pilot: Selva Luciano

Period: 1957

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4th Pilot: Cerutti Achille

Period: 1967>1969

Race number: #83

Engine: Lancia Flaminia 2500 cc.

Class: Lancia Flaminia

Photographed in Cremona - 5° Giornata Motonautica - 15.06.1969 - 1° place
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