Coppa dell'Oltranza

Born in 1930 by an idea of the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio for the pursuit of pure speed, it takes place in Gardone on Garda Lake. It achieved great success and fame all over the world. Reserved for inboard race without limitation is assigned to pilot in two non-consecutive rounds achieves faster speed.
Rossi di Montelera who presided the Motorboat Club organized the race and distinguished d'Annunzio the title of honorary president. Kayedon, a boat pilot, remained in Gardone for months to train itself to beat the world speed record on water. D'Annunnzio asked him to participate in honor of Seagrave, pilot of boat "Miss England II," died in an accident. Kayedon won the Cup that year.

Article from Arte Navale, december 2008 (9.1 MB)


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