Speroni #414 (1987)

Builder: Speroni

Year of build: 1987

Built in Shipyard Speroni Ivo Colorno who had bought him from the bottom of the mold and the molds Buzzi Fabio Shipyard of the cowlings from Shipyard Lucini & Frigerio

1st Pilot: Panizza Bruno

Period: 1988>1990

Race number: #414

Engine: Alfa Romeo 1500 cc., Lancia 1500 cc.

Class: R1500N - R1500

Photographed at the arrival of the 49° Raid Pavia-Venezia - Chioggia, 28.05.1989

2nd Pilot: Silva Pietro

Period: today

Race number: #414

Engine: Lancia 1500 cc.

Collector non Pilot

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