Molinari Livio - Molivio #23 (1968)

Builder: Molinari Livio - Molivio

Year of build: 1968

1st Pilot: Scrivanti Massimo

Period: 1970

Race number: #40

Engine: Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 cc.

Class: 91 pollici

In 1970 Scrivanti Massimo with this Boat Participated in the Raid Pavia Venezia always in the 91" A.P.B.A. Ranking 24° Overall and 2° in Category. The boat had yellow calenders with the classic wooden deck. Sketch by Agazzi Claudio, 2018

2nd Pilot: Feliciani Leopoldo

Period: 1972>1973

Race number: #392

Engine: Alfa Romeo 1500 cc., Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 cc.

Class: R2 - R3

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3rd Pilot: Bonazzi Franco

Period: 1982

In 1986 Bonazzi Franco brought the Boat to a rally in Cisano del Garda (fraction after Lazise) entirely painted in blue including the deck. For the occasion, a German tourist took a few turns. It is probable that this Boat was one of the many purchased. by the late Bonazzi in the 70s.

4th Pilot: Olivetti Giovanni

Period: 1982>1986

Race number: #23

Engine: Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 cc.

photographed in Race in Lazise - 1982

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