Molinari Eugenio #82 (1970)

Builder: Molinari Eugenio

Year of build: 1970

1st Pilot: Molinari Eugenio

Period: 1970

Race number: #20

Engine: BPM

Class: S°°

Participation in the 100 Miglia del Lario - 1970

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2nd Pilot: Bodda Orlando

Period: 1971>1972

Race number: #82

Engine: Chevrolet, BPM

Class: S°°

Photographed to hauling in Pavia at the 32° Raid Pavia-Venezia - 1972
After a few days, with the same Boat in Cremona, during a cross country race valid for the plate FIM Bodda Orlando will be the victim of a serious incident that will oblige him to retire from racing losing the final total use of one arm
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