Clerici #30 (1990)

Builder: Clerici

Year of build: 1990

1st Pilot: Maini Ettore

Period: 1990>1991

Race number: #30

Engine: Alfa Romeo 1500 cc., Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 cc.

Class: R1500N - R2000N

Here photographed in Race Championship Italian Class R1500N - Torricella di Sissa 24.06.1990
Archive Agazzi Claudio

Last updated on 03/10/2015   

2nd Pilot: Collezione privata

Period: >2016

Race number: #30

Sold in "Duemila Ruote" auction by RM Sotheby's during "Milano AutoClassica" 2016.
Photo credits RM Sotheby's

Last updated on 11/27/2016   

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