Celli Dino #3 (1968)

Builder: Celli Dino

Year of build: 1968

1st Pilot: Casalini Carlo

Period: 1968>1971

Race number: #3

Engine: Alfa Romeo 1500 cc. Raineri, Ford Helvetia 1000 cc.

Class: 1500 - R1

In 1970 he was driven to the Class R1 engined Ford - Helvetia 1000 cc.
Today the boat is in totally original condition with Ford engine and is part of a collection Switzerland

Photographed in the Race at the World Championship of Class R1 - Rochlitz - East Germany - 20.09.1970 - 7° Place
Archive Ward Mike


2nd Pilot: Collezione privata

Period: today

Race number: #3

Engine: Ford Helvetia 1000 cc.

Class: R1

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