Abbate Tullio #27 (1975)

Builder: Abbate Tullio

Year of build: 1975

One of three boats ordered by F.I.M. at Shipyard Tullio Abbate for promotional formula 1300 cc. We will be chosen rather than the Shipyard Lucini & Frigerio for the part concerning the blanket and cowlings shell built by Shipyard Fabio Buzzi. He was in the filing of the Society 'Motonautica M.I.LA Presided over by Risetti Umberto

1st Pilot: Zardo Valerio

Period: 1976>1980

Engine: Fiat 1000 cc.

Class: R1

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2nd Pilot: Bresciani Giuseppe

Period: 1992>1996

Race number: #121

Engine: Alfa Romeo 1500 cc.

Class: R1500

Photographed in Race at 55° Raid Pavia-Venezia - 04.06.1995
A.M.P. Archive


3rd Pilot: Carletti Lorenzo

Period: 2002>2003

Race number: #27

Engine: Alfa Romeo 1500 cc.

Class: Racer

Photographed in Race at 3°Gran Premio del Polirone - San Benedetto Po, 27.07.2003
Agazzi Claudio Archive

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