Timossi #106 (1969)

Builder: Timossi

Year of build: 1969

1st Pilot: Cima Giovanni

Period: 1969>1977

Race number: #106

Engine: Chrysler 7000 cc., De Tomaso 8 cilindri 5700 cc.

Class: S6 - R6 - R°°

In 1972 he was Registered in S6 Class
In 1973 he was Registered in R6 Class

Photographed in Race in 1976 with Aluminum Bodywork
Agazzi Claudio Archive


2nd Pilot: Cima Giovanni

Period: 1978>oggi

Race number: #106

Engine: De Tomaso 8 cilindri 5700 cc.

Class: R6

The Boat has been Transformed into an advanced Guide and is still existing today, but without an Engine Preserved by Cima Giovanni

5° Absolute in 36th Raid Pavia-Venezia - 06.06.1976

Cima Giovanni Archive

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