Timossi #102 (1960)

Builder: Timossi

Year of build: 1960

Property of Count Agusta

1st Pilot: Marchisio Ermanno

Period: 1967>1970

Race number: #11

Name: Giovannino XII°

Engine: Maserati 450S 6400 cc.

Class: KD 900 KG. - 7000 A.B.P.A.

Marchisio won in Cremona in 1970. Behind him Lupi Gino, 2° classified.
Cremona 1970 - World Championship Class 7000 A.P.B.A. (ex - KD 900 KG).
1° Classified: Marchisio Ermanno in his last race.

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2nd Pilot: Prospero Ermes

Period: 1977>1979

Race number: #102

Engine: BPM Super Vulcano 8000 cc.

Class: R°°

Trophy Two Bridges 30/09/1979 - Boretto (Re) - The boat due to a mechanical failure will be 'taken to hauling, for a mistake and the inexperience of recovering, began' to take on water and sank. 'It is never again 'was found

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