Moschettiere V° - Timossi #1 (1957)

Builder: Timossi

Year of build: 1957

1st Pilot: Selva Ezio

Period: 1957

Race number: #1

Name: Moschettiere V°

Engine: Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 1500 cc.

Class: KD 800 KG.

Selva Ezio had a fatal accident on 23.12.1957 during the final stage of the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami (U.S.A.)

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Moschettiere V° - Timossi #1 (1957)

Disaster strikes in the Orange Bowl Regatta at Miami Beach. Hydroplane driver Ezio Selva is traveling at 100 miles per hour when his boat suddenly flips over, cart wheeling across Miami's Biscayne Bay before 10,000 horrified spectators. Selva is killed instantly when the boat slams into the water.

Moschettiere V° - Timossi #1 (1957)

Selva Ezio n° 1 - Class KD - Rare power boat fatal crash - Orange Bowl Regatta - Miami (U.S.A.), 23.12.1957


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