San Marco (1955)

Builder: San Marco

Year of build: 1955

1st Pilot: Ambrosini Ettore

Period: 1955>1956

Race number: #8

Engine: Maserati 150S 1500 cc., BPM Jonic 2500 cc.

Class: L - Z

Register San Marco n° 26 - The engine type 150S n° 1650 - 1500 cc. It was purchased new in Maserati by Ambrosini Ettore with which ran in the 1500 cc Category. The Engine was sold to Hado Gonzales de Zenete and mounted on his runabout race Xilon - Cranchi.
The Boat was powered by a BPM 2500 and I compete with Oscar Scarpa in this new Category Stock.

2nd Pilot: Scarpa Oscar

Period: 1957

Race number: #9

Engine: BPM Jonic 2500 cc.

Class: Z

Photographed in the race of the Italian Championship Class Z - 1957

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3rd Pilot: Sconosciuto

Production Registry San Marco was sold to a French Driver

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