5th Sacca Racer Meeting (2015)

Date 06/14/2015.

The fifth edition of the SACCA RACER MEETING is still the reference event for European meetings of inboard racing boats. The racers "Classic", perfectly restored and running, come from Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria. We expected over thirty boats. The high level in terms of honors and restoration allows fans to watch a performance of absolute excellence.

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5th Sacca Racer Meeting (2015)

Unlimited Boats Exibition :Petrobelli Pietro, Rolf Gersch Rolf and Buzzi Fabio

5th Sacca Racer Meeting (2015)

Sunday Exibitions 14.06.2015

5th Sacca Racer Meeting (2015)

Saturday Exibitions 13.06.2015


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