Sella & Mosca - S.A. Mariner #10 (1985)

Builder: S.A. Mariner

Year of build: 1985

1st Pilot: Bonomi Carlo

Period: 1985>1988

Race number: #19

Name: Sella & Mosca

Engine: Seatek monoturbo, Seatek biturbo

Class: Diesel

Bonomi Carlo with this Boat called Iveco World Leaders conquered the 1985 World Record for speed Class Diesel Engine Diesel Iveco Aifo of 5900 cc. to Km/h. 218.248

Photographed at the start of the 48° Raid Pavia-Venezia - 12.06.1988
Archive Agazzi Claudio

2nd Pilot: Buzzi Fabio

Period: 1989>1991

Race number: #10

Name: Sella & Mosca

Engine: Seatek biturbo

Class: Diesel

2° Absolute to 50° Raid Pavia-Venezia - 10.06.1990 - average of Km/h. 195.149

Photographed at 51° Raid Pavia-Venezia - Pavia, 09.06.1991 - Just after the start was the victim of a spectacular crash in more than 250 Km/h with no physical consequences, but with the Boat destroyed.
Archive Agazzi Claudio


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