Engine Lancia Aurelia 2500 cc.

The Aurelia was designed under the direction of engineer Vittorio Jano. Its engine, the first production V6 engine, a 60 design developed by Francesco de Virgilio who was between 1943 and 1948 a Lancia engineer, and who worked under Jano. During production, capacity grew from 1.8 L to 2.5 L. It was an all-alloy pushrod design with a single camshaft between the cylinder banks. A hemispherical combustion chamber and in-line valves were used.

Number of cylinders: V6, 60°

Bore and stroke: 78.0 x 85.5 mm

Displacement: 2451 cc.

Valves: 2 per cylinder

Valvetrain: pushrod

Fuel system: 3 double barrel carburetors