Engine Alfa Romeo GTA Junior 1300 cc.

The GTA 1300 Junior, derived by coupè GT 1600, had a new oversquare engine with double inition and less displacement. The release of this new model happened in 1968. The tuning by Autodelta for racing was able to produce 160CV at 8000 rpm and a maximum speed of 210 km/h. The requests of this tuned versions reached the 200 units produced with carburetors and 100 units with indirect Spica injection.

Number of cylinders: 4 inline - twin spark

Bore and stroke: 78.0 x 67.5 mm

Displacement: 1290 cc.

Power: 96 CV at 6000 RPM

Compression ratio: 9:1

Valves: 2 per cylinder

Valvetrain: over head cams

Fuel system: 2 double barrel carburetors