Clerici #8 (1982)

Builder: Clerici

Year of build: 1982

The curiosity of this hull built in 1982 and was initially a catamaran outboard F.2 for Pilot Bonvicini Pier Luigi

1st Pilot: Manfredini Francesco

Period: 1983>1985

Race number: #70

Engine: Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 cc., BMW 2000 cc.

Class: R3N - R3

Photographed in Race of the Italian Championship R3N Class - 23° Sagra del Po - Boretto, 19.06.1983
Agazzi Claudio Archive


2nd Pilot: Marinoni Francesco

Period: 1986

Race number: #8

Engine: Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 cc.

Class: R2000N

Photographed in Race at the Italian Championship Class R2000N Class - 18° Giornata Motonautica Cremonese - Cremona, 13.07.1986
Agazzi Claudio Archive

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