Pissi Pissi - Celli Dino #25 (1966)

Builder: Celli Dino

Year of build: 1966

1st Pilot: Perziano Sergio

Period: 1967

Race number: #32

Engine: Alfa Romeo L6 2500 cc.

Class: LZ

Photographed in the Race at the Italian Championship LZ Class - 3° Giornata Motonautica Cremonese 11.06.1967
-1° Place at the European Championship LZ Class - 12° Meeting Citta 'di Bolsena - 30.07.1967

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2nd Pilot: Dotti Giuseppe

Period: 1968>1975

Race number: #53

Engine: Alfa Romeo L6 2500 cc.

Class: LV - R4

Photographed in the Race in 1970

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3rd Pilot: Brunelli Roberto

Period: 1996>1999

Race number: #25

Name: Pissi Pissi

Engine: Alfa Romeo L6 2500 cc.

During a Meeting of Racer Meeting in Boretto in June 2000, this Boat, with Driving Dotti Aurelio son was destroyed against the concrete barges, after an heart attack the conductor has dead.

Photographed at the 1° Racing Boat Retro' Milano - Idroscalo - 29.05.1999

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