Timossi #11 (1969)

Builder: Timossi

Year of build: 1969

1st Pilot: Cima Giovanni

Period: 1969>1976

Race number: #106

Engine: Chrysler 7000 cc.

Class: S6 - R6 - R°°

- In 1972 in the Category S6
- In 1973 in the category R6
Here photographed in the race in 1976 with aluminum body.

Archive Claudio Agazzi

Last updated on 06/29/2014   


2nd Pilot: Van Praet Jean

Period: 1998>oggi

Race number: #11

Engine: Chrysler 7000 cc.

Collector non pilot

Aluminum body in fantasy made ​​in 1998 by Shipyard Speroni Ivo.
Original wood fairings, but, imitation of the boat Marchisio Ermanno n° 11

Last updated on 06/29/2014   

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