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Abbate Tullio #6 (1972)

Vitale Gian Carlo n.6 - The photo was taken at the Abbate di Azzano pier on the day the boat was launched Archive John Leins

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Timossi #427 (1975)

Vitale Gian Carlo n.427 - The boat, after the engine tuning(brought to 300 hp) in DeTomaso in Modena, the addition of external exhausts and a dedicated Rolla propeller, on December 4, 1976, in Sarnico, acquired the world speed record on the kilometer at an average of 173.02 Km Archive John Leins

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Molinari Livio - Molivio #6 (1969)

Vitale Gian Carlo n.6 - Here photographed in Piacenza 1977 - R3NClass - In 1977 due to a reversal in the Race in Boretto calenders have been lost and replaced with calenders Lucini & Frigerio Agazzi Claudio Archive

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