Feltrinelli #6 (1966)

Builder: Feltrinelli

Year of build: 1966

1st Pilot: Casinghini Benito

Period: 1966>1967

Race number: #6

Engine: Alfa Romeo L6 2500 cc.

Class: LZ

From an idea of Ing. Casinghini Benito, an attempt to achieve a 4 points with the advanced driving position and the helm under the driver's seat. It is powered by an Alfa Romeo 2500, marinated by Raineri. it took several tests to find the right type of surface propeller, after which the yield was excellent, but too many problems gave the rudder to the bow. So much so that during a trial while it was launched and full speed, returning to the water with the rudder not perfectly aligned after a slight surge, he made a head-tail causing a scary accident. Then the idea was abandoned, bringing the rudder back to its traditional position. I think this was the reason for the lack of participation in the Coppa dell'Oltranza in Gardone Riviera.Leaning on the Boat in the Shipyard; Feltrinelli Egidio
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