Laura I° - Abbate Guido #62 (1953)

Builder: Abbate Guido

Year of build: 1953

1st Pilot: Verga Mario

Period: 1953

Race number: #62

Name: Laura I°

Engine: Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 1500 cc.

Class: Z

Color photo of 1953, never published before by anyone and probably the only existing color of "Laura 1°". The first Italian to cross the wall of km/h. 200.000 water, beating the World Record with this boat in its class average, about 2 steps, to Km/h. 202.247. It will improve again in February 1953 at an average of km/h. 226.495 with the first stretch to over Km/h. 230.000 in Campione d'Italia. Of the original boat, now on display in the museum "Barca Lariana" on Lake Como, there is still only the bare wood, recovered after having long been abandoned to rot on the shores of the lake . The original body, probably built by the racing department of Alfa Romeo was all aluminum and it was already missing at the time of recovery. It was remade, badly copied, fiberglass, exposing it to the Museum.
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La Settimana Incom 00902 of 06.02.1953
Lago di Campione d'Italia, 01.02.1953: Verga beat previous records for speed, reaching km/h. 202.247

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Laura I° - Abbate Guido #62 (1953)

The Story of Laura I° from Museo della Barca Lariana

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